Kenya made its debut in the Paralympic Games at the 1972 Summer Paralympics in Heidelberg, Germany. The country missed the Games in 1976 in Toronto Canada but returned in 1980 Games hosted in Arnhem in the Netherlands and has competed in every edition of the Summer Games since then. However, Kenya has never participated at the Winter Paralympic Games.
Kenya’s first gold medalist was won by Britton in 1972 in the men’s freestyle swimming event. It is important to note that Kenya has not just dominated the track at the various Paralympic Games but has scooped medals in the field notably Lucy Wanjiru (women’s Javelin, 1980); Japheth Musyoki (men’s shot put, 1984); Mary Nakhumicha (women’s Javelin, 1992); Christopher Moori (men’s Javelin, 1996) among others.

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